“Barrier, Poetic Door” (a paraclausithyron) by David Sizer

Barrier, Poetic Door
(by David Sizer)

Why is this door locked?
I can’t understand.
I’ve shown nothing
but love.
Your anger came,
like it always does,
from nowhere at all.

What void is there inside you?
That you feel you must so desperately fill?
intense love,
senseless hate.

Ok, fine, maybe I wasn’t
always so nice to you.
Can you blame me though?
It’s hard to show my affection
when you keep locking yourself
behind a door.



“Non-Buddhist Paraclausithyron” (by Alan Seltzer)

Non-Buddhist Paraclausithyron

by Alan Seltzer

Should I be prepared to sit for years
cross-legged on this black cushion
staring at a point on the blank white
wall that is not there?
Should I do whatever it takes
to prove myself, to get your attention,
to have revealed to me the secret
that is not a secret?
Should I be like those of legend,
stand half naked in the snow
before your gate for days on end,
refrain from eating until you smile at me,
slash my arm with a ritual sword?
Do you doubt that I could stand unflinching
when you hit me with a stick,
ponder your cryptic riddles endlessly,
wander lonely mountain paths
until mountains become mountains?
Or do you fear I really will
cross the stream, abandon the raft,
and no one at all will be standing at your gate?

Used by permission of Alan Seltzer.

Superstition Review publishes my guest blog about one of our prompts

The Superstition Review, a great literary journal + multimedia literary party produced by creative writing and web design students at Arizona State University, just published my guest blog piece about one of the prompts in Poems for the Writing: Prompts for Poets.

I wrote about the paraclausithyron, a lover’s lament before the beloved’s closed door.

Here’s the link:

Beloved, open your door!

The description of the prompt is in my blog post…and I even feature a spooky paraclausithyron by Edgar Allen Poe: “The Raven.” The blog post went live June 13, 2013, but the people at Superstition Review seem to keep the blog posts available continuously. Hope you’ll visit it now.

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