“nothing is Anything” by Melissa Mabasa

Poem and photograph by Melissa Mabasa.

Collaborations and Visual Poems

MelissaMabasaPhotonothing is Anything

by Melissa Mabasa

Bright lights, casting shadows
nothing is highlighted
The middle is empty
My focus goes there

nothing can be anything
Boundless opportunities
To be whatever I choose
In five minutes, I became a professor, chef, and a ballerina

I walk away from that corner
I am Me again
I step back into who I have been for the past 22 years

Except in those few minutes,
I could be Anything


(Poem and photograph by Melissa Mabasa.)

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“I Hate It” by Lisa He-Wu

I Hate It

(by Lisa He-Wu)

I hate how I can’t hate you,
I hate the way you look at me
and the way you talk to me.
It makes me feel guilty.

I hate the way you criticize my
career choices. I hate your sarcastic
tone of voice when you compliment
me. It makes me feel useless.

I hate the way you chew your hot dog
when we go on dates. I hate the way
you talk with your mouth full. It
makes me uncomfortable.

I hate how you’re never around,
I hate how you tell me you miss
me. I hate the way you make
me feel. It makes me sick.

I hate your ugly green sweater
and I hate your colorful socks.
I hate the way you put your Nike
hat on sideways. It makes me mad.

I hate how much you have changed
and I hate that you’re not the same.
I hate that I can’t hate you the way
I want to hate you.


Many thanks to Lisa for allowing us to include her work in the PFTW blog.