Workshops and TP Reviews


Reviews of TEXTURE PRESS Books


Review  of Reconnaissance by Anne Higgins in “Create With Joy.”

(May 2015)

Excerpt: “Anne Higgins is a true poet and each poem in Reconnaissance is a gem – a precious gift that you will want to unwrap and experience over and over, coming back with fresh eyes to reflect on each and every detail.”


Review for Bilateral Asymmetry by Don Riggs

(February 2015)

Cait Coker writing for Future Fire


(May 2015)

Derek Soles for Prick of the Spindle


Review for You As Poetry by Rose Hunter

(July 2014)

Andrew Keller in Painted Bride Quarterly.


Review for Cardboard Piano
by Rina Terry

Shinelle L. Espaillet in Cleaver:


Reviews for Poems for the Writing


Julia Perch’s interview with Lynn Levin and Valerie Fox in Prick of the Spindle:



Serena Auguste-Cox in Savvy Verse and Wit



L.S. Bassen writing for Prick of the Spindle

Excerpt: “A gem of a poem by Peter Wood (worth purchasing the book for this one alone) is given as one of four examples [of Fibonacci poem] starting on page 40.”



Shinelle L. Espaillat writing for Cleaver

Excerpt: “Ultimately, this works as a text for how to teach poetry.”


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