“Gliding Through Fibonacci” (by Cary Anne Kane)

Gliding Through Fibonacci

I start on the edge of the (w)hole
A gaping maw aching to swallow me
(Like so much fish thrown carelessly
Into the mouth of a starving whale)
The crispness of its rounded edges
Emphasize the futility of attempted escape
Can’t go over it, can’t go under it
Gotta go through it.

So I tip forward on my toes and fall,
Straight down one straight chute
(Newton’s alleged apple
Couldn’t have fallen straighter)
Before entering a second shape
As unerringly vertical as the first.
Bit boring yes, those twin upright towers,
But they initiate that perfect sequence.

Because here I enter the third shape.
It begins with a smooth curve
I must maneuver as expertly
As any Olympic bobsled team,
Though the graceful curve is cut off
With a sharp jerk to the left
(Be carful to avoid whiplash)
And I shoot horizontally—

And enter a half-circle curling up,
Spinning me out before opening
Into a second identical crescent,
And then a third again. I’ve soared
Through three Cheshire-Cat smiles
Before I’m suddenly flying up,
Up a great vertical tunnel
And jerking left (whiplash again)

To be dumped into a wide arc.
And I spin around and around
This perfect loop-da-loop.
Like one of those old-fashioned
Coaster rides for small children,
(“Please stand against the giraffe’s
Neck to ensure you’re tall enough”)
Only this one’s endless. Infinite.

Used by permission of Cary Anne Kane
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