Writing Retreat: Fall Things Literary (at Musehouse) November 8th


A Writing Retreat in the Woods
at the Schuylkill Center
Saturday, November 8
Join Musehouse at The Schuylkill Center’s beautiful wooded environs to: Write! Reinvigorate your craft! Reconnect with nature!
Cost: 45 dollars (early)
50 dollars (regular)
Beth Kephart’s morning workshop is called “The Memoir Portal.”
What does the world around us teach us about ourselves? How do we identify the voice that feels most true? In an intimate workshop setting, inspired both by the nearby landscape and a series of carefully selected readings, we will discover and write signifying memories. We will open the door to memoir.
In the afternoon, you may choose between these workshops:
Poetic Memoir: In 7 Words (with John Ebersole)
Can we really say more with less? How can one tell his or her story adequately in seven words? In the midst of the natural splendor of The Schuylkill Center, writers will find inspiration and explore the possibilities of painting tiny portraits with words.

Flash Fiction, More Than Just a Word Count (with Curtis Smith) Flash fiction is more than a story that meets a specific word count. Flash is an exciting and challenging form that combines traditional (and non-traditional) storytelling techniques with a precision of language more commonly associated with poetry. This workshop, set in and inspired by the beautiful surroundings of The Schuylkill Center, will explore the elements that contribute to a compelling piece of flash fiction. Bring a pen and paper and an open mind as we share what promises to be an interesting autumn afternoon.

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