Two Poetry MOOCS

Are you a fan of MOOCS? Do you know what a MOOC stands for? I did, but I forgot so I had to google it again.

It stands for “Massive Online Open Course.”

So here is one that I saw pop up that looks interesting: How Writers Write POETRY. That’s in CAPS there because there’s a fiction one also.

This June, the University of Iowa offers its second massive open online course: [aha!] How Writers Write POETRY. Six weeks of craft discussions and workshops online. Free and open to all.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 9.09.52 AM

I’ll be giving it a look.

Last year I sat in on Al Filreis’ “Modern and Contemporary American Poetry” at the University of Pennsylvania, offered via Coursera. That one starts in September. Highly recommended. I thought it was terrific. Read about it and register here.

There are lots of MOOCS around, for almost anything. These are the only two poetry ones I know of though. If you know of any others, post them here. ..

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