Poetry Prompt (At Found Poetry)

Here’s a prompt I saw recently that I liked. It combines three things I love: Twitter, visual art, and poetry (not necessarily in that order):

“ART/140 a joint effort between the creative agency POSSIBLE and the Museum of Modern Art, asks web viewers to “share what you think about art.” The ART/140 website instructs users to choose one of the listed works of art and tweet what they think about it. Comments on Painterly Architectonic by Lyubov Popova range from simply “linoleum” to “Pile of Broken Glass in a Sunset on Mars.” I think you now know where I’m going with this.

Your task:

Peruse the lists of tweets for each work of art listed on the website. Remix into a poem. Share the poem in the comments here. Also, why not join the experiment? (Do so by following the ART/140 instructions and tweeting).”

Go here, for a full explanation.

In general the Found Poetry blog is full of interesting prompts and other stuff. Check it out!

popova                                            TWEET #ART140 #POPOVA

Workshop at Classics (in Trenton) March 29

Prompt-based Poetry Writing Workshop at
Classics Used and Rare Books, March 29, 2014 (12 noon to 2)

Come and write and share your work with others. Both Lynn and Valerie will be facilitating.

At Classics Used and Rare Books, located in downtown Trenton, 4 West Lafayette Street.

All ages/levels are welcome.

Find out more about Classics at their blog.

Congratulations Arlene Ang on New Book

Congratulations to Texture author Arlene Ang. Her new collection of poems, Banned for Life, will be published this fall by Misty Press.

Here’s a review of one of Arlene’s previous books (Seeing Birds in Church is a Kind of Adieu). This page also has links to a number of Arlene’s poems that had previously been published in Arsenic Lobster.