“Instructions for Wheel of Life” (by Madeline Fox)

Instructions for Wheel of Life

The Object:

The object of this game is to live a normal life, to stay on the wheel. You must successfully reach the center of the wheel without landing on a space that tells you that you drank the water.

How to set up:

To set up this game follow the following instructions. Only five people can play this game, so take as many game pieces as players, and put them on start. Then take the cards and put them on the rectangular shape labeled cards. You are now ready to play.

Getting started:

To get started, pick someone to go first. That person will then take the top card from the card pile. The card will have a number on it. Whatever number is on the card, the player moves that many spaces. Move clockwise around the circle giving everyone a turn. Once around the circle, keep going.


There are three different types of spaces–blank spaces, move spaces, and water spaces. If you land on a blank space, you don’t have to do anything but wait till your next turn. If you land on a move space, then just move to where the space tells you to and wait for your next turn. If you land on a water space, then it means you drank the water. If you land on one of these spaces, you must locate your piece to the area on the board labeled spring.

How to win:

To win you must successfully reach the center of the wheel first.

Writing by Madeline Fox (age 10). Used by permission of the author. This writing relates to a book aimed at young people. Maybe you can guess the book.

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