Writing Prompt: Thanksgiving Rituals

We thought you might use this prompt over the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. The prompt is based on an idea suggested by Don Riggs.

Take some field-notes on your holiday experiences. Describe in detail your Thanksgiving day rituals. Write from the perspective of a specific type of scholar. For instance, you might use the voice of an anthropologist. As preparation, read one or both of the following:

“‘We Gather Together’: Consumption Rituals of Thanksgiving Day” by Melanie Wallendorf and Eric J. Arnould, from The Journal of Consumer Research,  Vol. 18, No. 1 (June 1991).

For a view from 1952, “Thanksgiving Is Worldwide” by Horace Loftin, from The Science News-Letter,  Vol. 62, No. 21 (Nov. 22, 1952).

You can find the Loftin here: http://www.jstor.org/discover/10.2307/3931471?uid=3739808&uid=2134&uid=2&uid=70&uid=4&uid=3739256&sid=21102905793321

As an alternative style, write a flash fiction piece based on your field-notes.

Naturally, you might substitute other occasions or holidays for Thanksgiving.

Thanks, Don!

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